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Company Case Studies

Client CEO: “We were advised by ‘experts’ that it would take 6 to 8 months to ‘get it right’ but we successfully transitioned in less than 2 months. We are seeing improvements to service and coverage as well as much better insight into performance so we can more effectively support our patients and physicians. NOVOS is a key partner for success.”

Client CCO: “NGP’ capabilities have completely transformed the way we manage our business from senior leadership down to the individual reps”

Novos Comprehensive commercial solutions are specifically designed to accelerate topline growth and optimize capital efficiency for Spec Pharma companies seeking to launch or relaunch products.

Accelerate Growth Case Study: Novos has consistently been able to accelerate top line growth across multiple therapeutic categories generating script growth of 2-9x within a year.

Capital Deployment Case Studies: After launching 3 products and consuming cash for 3 years, Novos partnered with the lead investment team to rethink the commercial strategy from the ground up. Within 1 year, the company began to generate positive cash flow and was able to achieve a successful exit.